AIM Solder

IET Lead Free Reflow Oven

Manufactured by JT Electronic Equipment CO., LTD

Motorized oven top can be fully opened, allowing for easy and safe chamber maintenance. Highly efficient convection heat management allows for excellent flow and circulation of hot air, making possible quick heat up times.
Mesh and rail keep the same pace using a high quality timing motor, running smoothly, all computer controlled. Rails have been custom made for long term durability.
Forced convection cooling systems is provided to meet the requirements of strict lead free soldering processes. The exhaust system contains filters which can be cleaned easily.
The length of each heating zone has been increased, while space between zones has been minimized to significantly improve the uniformity and efficiency of heating.

PLC and Modular control provides smooth, reliable, and stable operation of the reflow oven. Separate from the main control , the temperature monitoring system ensures that power to heating is switched off if abnormaly high temperatures are reached.

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