Typhoon Inline Cleaners

The T-12 TYPHOON (WATER-SOLUBLE) Inline Cleaner

Aqua Klean System's T-12 Typhoon Inline Cleaning System was it's most popular cleaner of 2018. It's seen as a powerful inline cleaner while having a smaller footprint.

The T-12 Inline Cleaning System is Aqua Klean's mid-range Cleaning System. It takes the small footprint that a T-9 Typhoon has and combines itself with power of our T-15 Typhoon. The T-12 like all our inline cleaners comes standard with a 24" usable belt, supercharged blowers, and 15HP Stainless Steel Pumps. This product packs all of its power inside a 12'3" total length.

For more information on the Typhoon Inline Cleaners, please visit AquaKlean.Com

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